field gems photography

storytelling since 2010

field gems photography

storytelling since 2010

What's your story?

Hey hey! We're Elisha and Mike, a husband and wife photography duo based in Detroit, Michigan. We've been using photos to tell stories since 2010 and would love to hear, capture, and celebrate your story!




hi there!

Field Gems Photography is a Detroit-based photography team specializing in Weddings and Family Portraits. 

We're Elisha and Mike, long-time college friends who fell in love, got married, and became best friends and business partners in the process. And while photography is definitely a love, serving people is our passion. 

And when we’re not having fun with clients, you can find us exploring the city on our bikes, obsessing over our vegetable garden and houseplants, playing with Bacon our dog, drowning ourselves in DIY house projects, and drinking way too many...smoothies (Elisha) and coffee (Mike). 

When it comes to photography, our style is raw and authentic. Our hope is that as our clients look through their photos, they are able to relive all the best memories of the day, from the way their wedding party cared for them while getting ready, to their beautiful expressions the moment they first saw each other that day, and even to that time when a family member decided to leave it ALL out on the dance floor. Even the more "simple" moments, like how an aunt kicked off her heels to help set up the decorations, create fond memories as we look back on them.

Special occasions last only a while. Our hope is to bless you with the opportunity to carry those memories--and the full significance of the occasion--with you for the rest of your life.



"Aside from their beautiful photography, they are the sweetest couple and really make you feel comfortable immediately after meeting them. We even had guests come up to us after the wedding raving about how great they were."


"From day one...

Jess + stu
plymouth, mi // wedding

- Jess, Bride

"It was easy to let [them] into our relationship and capture the intimacy of it because [they are] so relatable and really love what [they do]! Not only [are they] dependable, but [they're] also personable. Can't get any better than that!"

better than that!"

"Can't get any

Sarah + Andy
hollywood, ca // wedding

- Sarah, Bride

"We hired them to photograph our wedding this spring and were beyond happy with every aspect of their work - from the time and effort they put into getting to know their clients to their warm, easy-going personalities to the beautiful photos that perfectly captured our wedding day...[And] we had comments from multiple wedding guests about how much they enjoyed our photographers and how seamlessly they fit into our day."

are the best!"

"Elisha and Mike

mary + jermel
detroit, mi // wedding

- Mary, Bride

"...loving, patient, and energetic, and committed to serving us to capture amazing memories...[They] happily and promptly answered our hundreds of questions, putting us at ease [and] excitedly and beautifully shot our engagement pictures, reminding us to have fun in the planning process...Hands down, everything about Field Gems, the photographers and photography, is perfect."

that's an

"Mike and you were wonderful.

jana + sumith
rochester, mi // wedding

- Jana, Bride

"Seriously I'm crying over here just looking at all the emotions you captured, especially in the moments that I couldn't see because I was hidden from Taylor all morning. You & Michael are truly gifted. Taylor keeps making fun of me because he will hear the cheesy music playing from my laptop and say "For real, ANOTHER slide show babe?" I can't stop!"

incredible works of art!!"

"I can't stop staring at your

Christine + taylor
howell,  MI // WEDDING

- Christine, Bride

"...from our wedding day again. When we were looking for wedding photographers the most important thing to us was that our photos captured the essence, joy & moments of that day & you two did that so phenomenally! [...]Multiple members of our wedding party contacted us today & mentioned how they were so impressed by the two of you--how you remembered everyone's names, how you said heartfelt goodbyes to them at the reception, & exuded so much warmth and kindness. We are so thankful you two were apart of our day."

reliving all the memories..."

"We felt like we were

crista + alex
clinton township,  MI // WEDDING

- Crista, Bride

My husband and I live in Washington, DC so trying to find a photographer for our wedding in Michigan was a tad stressful. Elisha and Michael are so easygoing and put us at ease not only the day of our wedding, but throughout the entire process. These two went above and beyond to capture our day, and they did it perfectly."

absolutely fantastic."

"Elisha and Michael are

amanda + jon
new hudson,  MI // WEDDING

- Amanda, Bride

Elisha! Mike! These are INCREDIBLE!!! Just every part of our day was captured...You truly have a gift, and it's so obvious how much you love what you do!"

bottom of our hearts!"

"Thank you, thank you from the 


- Megan, Bride

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